Managers as Business Coaches Themselves

These days, many managers are taking on the role of a business coach for the employees under their authority in the company hierarchy. Whilst providing guidance and support has always been a necessary part of a manager's job remit, a large number of managers are combining training with support by providing coaching and mentoring to their employees. Not only can the detailed discussions bring to the manager's attention the problems which the employee may be encountering with fulfilling their potential at work, and suitable remedial steps put into action, but it is highly likely that the manager will have worked their way up through the industry (even if their career has not been spent solely with this organisation) and as such will have once upon a time been in the same role as the employee is now. As a result they will be able to share and impart their knowledge and wisdom regarding how they coped and dealt with similar issues when they encountered them in the past.

Accredited Coaching Courses for Managers

To become an effective business coach, many managers undertake the ILM Level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. This accredited coaching qualification provides them with the knowledge and ability to positively impact the performance of individuals and teams for whom they have responsibility for and are tasked with getting the best out of them to satisfy the objectives and goals of the company.

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